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Image provided by Zaqir Virani

Affiliation with UVic English: Graduate Student, M.A. English

Special Book: Murphy, Samuel Beckett

When did you first read this book: 2007

Which sentence from this book has special significance for you?

“He drew up the ladder, lit the dip sconced in its own grease on the floor and tied himself up in his chair, dimly intending to have a short rock and then, if he felt any better, to dress and go, before the day staff were about, leaving Ticklepenny to face the music, Music, MUSIC, back to Brewery Road, to Celia, serenade, nocturne, albada.”

What does the sentence mean to you?

The rambling fuge of Beckett’s polyrhythmic prose shines in these lines, and they were what offered up to me the closest I’ve ever experienced to textual synesthesia.