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Image provided by Christa Mitchell

Christa Mitchell
UVSS General Worker/Starbucks Barista

Affiliation with UVic English: Undergraduate Student, B.A. fourth year.

Special Book: The Amber Spyglass, Phillip Pullman

When did you first read this book: I read The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife (the first two books in His Dark Materials Trilogy) in late elementary school. I could barely wait for The Amber Spyglass to come out. It was the first book I ever went out specifically to purchase as soon as it was available. I now own three copies of the trilogy and lend them out as often as people will take them.

Which sentence from this book has special significance for you?

“He meant the Kingdom was over, the Kingdom of Heaven, it was all finished. We shouldn’t live as if it mattered more than this life in this world, because where we are is always the most important place.”

What does the sentence mean to you?

This book showed me that faith can exist independent of religion. I had been pushed in many directions religiously in my youth yet was never able to feel like I belonged in any of them. After reading this series, I felt that I could be content with my faith in myself and the world without a doctrine to guide me. As an adult, this lesson allows me to follow my passions regardless of exterior influences.